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 As per the year 2019, Kenya which is an Eastern Africa country is stated to be in the number 63 position among the economies of the world in terms of GDP. Import Data Kenya shows that the country stands at 81st position in worldwide imports in the year 2019.

It imported goods that had a value of USD 17,220 million. This showed a decrease of -19.4% from the previous year. As per the trade data of 2018, Kenya’s imported products had a value of around USD 17,380 million in the year 2018. The rate of population that Kenya has, its volume of imports in the year 2019 had equated to approximately USD 300 in annual commodity demand from each citizen. Kenya Export Data showed that the goods had a value of around USD 5,836 million in the year 2019. This reflected a downfall by -43.1% when compared to the previous year of 2018. In 2018, Kenya had shipped products that were having a value of around USD 6,049 million.

Due to this, the country stands at 105th position among the top exporter countries in the world during the year 2019. The overall amount of Kenya’s exports in 2019 as per the total population of the country is equated to approximately around USD 70 for each Kenyan citizen. Kenya Trade Data states that Kenya mostly imports machinery of 9.53%, mineral fuels & oils of 19.3%, equipment of electrical machinery of 7.36%, cereals, iron & steel of 5.32%, vehicles of 7.02%, and plastics of 4.26%. The importing partner that Kenya has keeps China at the top with a share value of around USD 3.590 million, then India with 1,706 million, United Arab Emirates of USD 1,632 million, Saudi Arabia of USD 1,246 million, Japan with USD 947 million, South Africa with USD 435 million, United States with USD 591 million and at last Indonesia with USD 482 million.

The top Export Data Kenya had made in the year 2019 were Spices, Coffee, and Mate & Tea of 22.94%, Tress and plants of 11.03%, mineral fuel & oils of 7.74%, clothing and apparel of 3.96%, roots & edible vegetables of 3.85%, fruits & nuts of 3.5%, fats & oils of vegetable or animal of 2.36%, machinery of 2.26%.

According to Kenya Customs Data, the top 10 export partners that the country has to include Uganda at the top with a share value of around USD 624 million, United States of USD 508 million, Netherlands of USD 470 million, Pakistan of USD 443 million, United Kingdom of USD 391 million.



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