Kenya Free Import Export Data Provider 2021

 Kenya is an Eastern Africa. The country is best known for its beautiful landscape and its large animal reserves. Kenya has both private and public enterprises. The present government is actively working to improve the economy. Kenya is open to foreign investments As per kenya trade data, foreign trade is 33% of the GDP. If we analyze Kenya Custom Data, the top trading partners of Kenya are:-

  • Uganda
  • Pakistan
  • The United States
  • Netherland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Machinery
  • Petroleum products
  • Motorized Vehicles
  • Iron and Steel
  • Plastic

As per Export Data Kenya exported commodities worth 54314 million KES in January 2021. In the analysis of exports in 2020, the highest exports were seen in March 2020 with exports touching 64483.72 million KES and the lowest exports were in April 43212.945 million KES. Kenya exports to markets in Africa rose to an eight-year in 2020 and rose by 9.07% over the previous year. According to export data Kenya, the top exported commodities are:-


Agriculture products and by products

  • Textiles
  • Tobacco
  • Iron and Steel
  • Petroleum products

Export Data Kenya helps traders find new markets. They can use the extensive database to get insights into customer preferences and predict changing customer preferences.

The import data in Kenya is collected from ports across Kenya. The data can form the basis for traders to make business plans. It allows them to monitor their competitor’s trade volume.

Import Data Kenya shows that Kenya imported commodities worth 160723.93 million KES in January 2021. If we examine the imports for 2020, the highest imports were recorded in December with 161455.69 million KES and the lowest imports were in April with imports of 108699.10 million KES. Imports in Kenya fell due to a disruption of sea cargo when lockdown measures were introduced in several countries. Several countries opted to transport commodities by air. Import Data Kenya shows the top imported commodities are:-



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